About Me

Information Security Specialist with about 12 years of experience. Huge expertise in Penetration Testing on corporate environment, developing advanced techniques to bypass security devices like IDS/IPS, firewalls, content filters and endpoint security systems (antivirus, antimalwares, hids, etc).

More than 5 years focused on Penetration Testing on high secure environments and Ethical Hacking. Security Research on APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) engineering models for security tests simulating real threats on corporate networks and simulation of possible damage that this kind of attack could cause.

Also researching in the field of malware analisys, generating static and dynamic analysis of artefacts gathered in the wild through honeypots on cloud environments, creating behavoral study of Exploit-Kits, Botnets, Remote Access artefacts and
many more.

A Social Engineer enthusiast, creating frameworks to analize employees behavior during a variety of attacking techniques like Spear Phishing Scam and more, creating the possibility to identify the real attention points existing within organizations and the best mitigation metodology.


“Low Profile, High Success”


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