Book of Month: January

Code Hacking: A Developer’s Guide To Network Security
Author: Richard Conway, Julian Cordingley
Publisher: Charles River Media
Year: 2004
Pages: 450
Amazon’s book description: Developer’s Guide to Network Security provides a hands-on approach to learning the vital security skills. It details the software and techniques hackers use and provides practical insights on what’s really important in understanding hacking issues. The book cuts through the cursory issues and quickly delves into the essentials at a code and implementation level. It teaches users how to write and use scanners, sniffers, exploits, and more. It also helps developers write network security test harnesses for application and infrastructure. In addition, it covers how to create passive defense strategies to collect data on hackers, as well as how to use active defense strategies through techniques such as penetration testing. Unlike other books on hacking, Code Hacking takes a unique approach that covers hacking issues using a variety of languages. Software explanations and code samples are provided in C#, C++, Java, and Perl, allowing developers to learn from a variety of perspectives. The companion CD-ROM contains a custom security scanner written in C#. This scanner is a combination of a port and vulnerability scanner that scans IP addresses, allows certain services to be “brute forced,” and exploits well-known vulnerabilities.