Nmap 4.75 [2008-9-7]

Saiu uma nova versão da já consagrada ferramenta de varredura, o Nmap. Muitas melhorias foram adicionadas a esta nova versão e podem ser conferidas no link abaixo:


Entre elas:

Added a new Scan Topology system. The idea is that if we
  are going to call Nmap the "Network Mapper", it should at least be
  able to draw you a map of the network!  And that is what this new
  system does. It was achieved by integrating the RadialNet Nmap
  visualization tool (http://www.dca.ufrn.br/~joaomedeiros/radialnet),
  into Zenmap. Joao Medeiros has been developing RadialNet for more
  than a year. For details, complete with some of the most beautiful
  Zenmap screen shots ever, visit
  http://nmap.org/book/zenmap-topology.html. The integration work was
  done by SoC student Vladimir Mitrovic and his mentor David Fifield.

Download: Aqui


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