Def Con 16 Convention

Announcement: 4/11/2008

We are proud to announce the 16th annual Def Con.

If you are at all familiar with any of the previous Cons, then you will have a good idea of what DEF CON will be like. If you don’t have any experience with Cons, they are an event on the order of a pilgrimage to Mecca for the underground. They are a mind-blowing orgy of information exchange, viewpoints, speeches, education, enlightenment… And most of all sheer, unchecked PARTYING. It is an event that you must experience at least once in your lifetime.

The partying aside, it is a wonderful opportunity to met some of the luminaries of the underground computer scene and those that shape its destiny – the researchers, hackers, libertarians, and info-rebels of various kinds.

Most of all, there will be plenty of open-ended discussion on security, networks, and other topics as well as what TIME magazine calls the “Cyberpunk Movement”.

Las Vegas is, as you might have guessed, a great choice for the Con.

Gambling, loads of hotels and facilities, cheap air fare and room rates.

It’s also in the West Coast making it more available to a different crowd than the former Cons have been.

Your foray into the scene and your life will be forever incomplete if by some chance you miss out on DEF CON 16. Plan to be there!

WHO: You know who you are.

WHAT: Super Hacker Party Fest, with Speakers, contests, even live music.

WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada

WHEN: August 8 – 10 (Fri, Sat, Sun) 2008

WHY: To meet all the other people out there you’ve been talking to for

months and months, and get some solid information instead of rumors.


So you’re bored, and have never gone to a convention? You want to meet all the other members of the so called ‘computer underground’? You’ve been calling BBS systems for a long time now, and you definitely have been interacting on the national networks. You’ve bullshitted with the best, and now it’s time to meet them in Vegas! For me I’ve been networking for years, and now I’ll get a chance to meet everyone in the flesh. Get together with a group of your friends and make the journey.

We cordially invite all hackers, phreaks, techno-rats, programmers, writers, activists, lawyers, philosophers, politicians, security officials, cyberpunks and all network sysops and users to attend.

DEF CON 16 will be over the weekend in the middle of down town Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel. Why Las Vegas? Las Vegas is the place to do it.

Cheap food, alcohol, lots of entertainment and, like us, it never sleeps.

We will have the entire convention meeting space, so no sharing with the ‘norms’ this year. Events and speakers will be there to provide distraction and some actual information and experiences from this loosely knit community from lock picking, robot wars, the Black & White ball to the mystery box challenge and the premier Capture the Flag contest! See the site for an ever growing list of happenings.

This is an initial announcement. It is meant only to alert you to the time, dates and location of the convention. Future announcements will inform you about specific speakers and events.

An information pack is off of the internet at The IP# is Information updates will be posted there in the future as well as updated speaker lists.


SPEAKERS: We want to solicit speakers from all aspects of the computer underground and associated culture (Law, Media, Software Companies, Cracking Groups, Hacking Groups, Magazine Editors, Etc.) If you or anyone you know of is interested in speaking on a self selected topic, please submit a CFP.

– From hacking your car, your brain, and CIA sculptures to hacking the vote, Bluetooth, and DNS hacks. We group presentations by subject and come up with topic areas, or “clusters” of interest. It worked out so well in the past we are doing it again.

What are we looking for then, if we don’t have tracks? Were looking for the presentation that you’ve never seen before and have always wanted to see. We are looking for the presentation that the attendees wouldn’t ask for, but blows their minds when they see it. We want strange demos of Personal GPS jammers (Lady Ada?), RFID zappers, and HERF madness. Got a MITM attack against cell phones or a way to duplicate fingerprints? (CCC?) We want to see it!

GET INVOLVED: There are many contests and groups to get involved with. If you don’t know anyone don’t phear, get involved. Join the forums, read up on the contests, plan a party, do something!


For initial comments, requests for more information, information about speaking at the event, or maps to the section where prostitution is legal outside Las Vegas (Just Kidding) Contact The Dark Tangent by leaving me mail at: on the InterNet.

Future information updates will pertain to the speaking agenda.

– —————————————————————————-

– —

Web Site

Submit a CFP

Forums – Discuss and follow all the pre-conference planning

Future Announcements in RSS format

The Jackal, holding the radio right behind Aleph One


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